We are so glad you’re here and we’re glad to be here too!!! We are often asked who we are and where we’re from and then the inevitable question “how the heck did you end up here!”.


Denis is French Canadian growing up not to far from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He moved to the states in 98 landing in California and shortly after, he made his way to Nevada. Stephanie is a West Coast girl having lived in California 22 years then moved to Nevada for 16 years. We met in 05 and had a similar passion; to travel and to own our own business!! We decided the time was right to fulfill that dream and with Denis’ desire to get closer to “home” and Stephanie’s desire to see “how the other half lived” we started looking for businesses in upstate New York. Life being the wonderful gift it is, we discovered The Hideaway.


We have traveled to various places both domestic and foreign and hope to bring some cultural differences to the area and learn all we can to beat with the heart of the Tug Hill community. We enjoy motorcycling, ATV, sledding, flying, classic cars and muscle cars... “If it has a motor, he likes it”. We welcome the opportunity to be part of your large events. You can host your parties here at our place or we can cater your offsite event. Let us know what you have in mind.


We are fun loving people and love a good party like anyone else. We hope you enjoy your dining experience as much has we have enjoyed being a part of it. Check back often as the menu will change frequently while we move through seasons and further develop our culinary artistry. Check out our events page for various activities you'll surely want to come be part of. Until then, thanks for coming by, take care and be well.

Tug Hill Hideaway

Come for the Drive, Stay for the Fun!

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